David Dunlop Solo Show - "Travels Through Atmosphere"
May 2 - June 18, 2014
Opening Reception - Friday, May 2, 5-8 pm
Susan Powell Fine Art | 679 Boston Post Road | Madison, CT 06443
203-318-0616 | www.susanpowellfineart.com

Group Show - "Ebb & Flow"
May 1 - July 28, 2014
Opening Reception - Thursday, May 1, 6-8 pm
The Drawing Room Art Gallery | 220 East Putnam Avenue| Cos Cob, CT 06807
203-661-3737 | www.thedrawingroom.cc



How to Paint Water
Silvermine Art Guild| 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 | 203-966-6668 ext. 2
June 7, 2014 | Saturday · 10:00 am – 3:00 pm | WORKSHOP FEE - $130
Course ID - DDSA1000AM672014

Learn to paint water: its translucence, its reflections, its movement, the illusions of transparency in tide pools and lakes, the reflections that glisten on wet city streets, the shifting shapes of waves breaking on the shore; tumbling aerated water cascading over rocks. Through demonstrations in oil, acrylic, watercolor and encaustic wax painting you will experience new techniques to persuasively create the sensations of water. Learn how past masters like Sargent, Turner and Winslow Homer all painted water as their subject. Come and just observe if you wish, or paint along in your choice of media.

3-Day Workshop with David Dunlop
Crossroads Art Center | 2016 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23230 | 804-278-8950
May 16-May 18, 2014 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Fee: 3 Days - $400, 2 Days - $325, 1 Day - $199

Day 1. Perspective, Linear and Atmospheric- All You Ever Wanted To Know.
Class Limited to 18 Working Artists

The Complete Perspective Workshop! Learn all the fundamentals of linear perspective for rolling meadows, roads, buildings, still life, figures and more. Give your pictures believable space. Learn to use the principles of linear perspective creatively as artists from Pieter Bruegel to Diebenkorn. Learn to make roads and steps rise and descend, turn, bend and bank. Learn how artists like Cézanne have reconciled our biological vision to the pictorial conventions of linear perspective. Learn how Asian (Chinese and Japanese artists) used a different system of design perspective space and how contemporary artists have combined that isometric perspective system with linear perspective. All forms of perspective will be discussed and demonstrated such as: color recession, foveal acuity recession, value contrast recession, occlusion, atmospheric perspective, texture gradients, and relative motion perspective. Whether as a review to brush up your skills or learn new ways to apply the principles of spacial perception, this course promises to make your paintings more convincing with credible space.
David Persprctive
Day 2. Cities, Buildings and People in Motion
Class Limited to 18 Working Artists

David will demonstrate how to suggest motion in skies, fields, trees and meadows, and the city with fast moving traffic and people. He will show you how to group your figures, imply motion and direction, and fit them within the scale and harmony of your scene. He will demonstrate how to create conditions of glare and luminosity in bright skies with radiating solar coronas. He will show you how to create sparkle and iridescence on shimmering meadows as well as the incandescence of bright lights in the city with the glowing halation of headlights. Finally, your instructor will demonstrate the principles for perceiving deep space, from color recession to linear perspective, from value recession to occlusion, from texture gradients, to diminishing edge acuity, from relative motion, to locating infinity with in painting. Your instructor will demonstrate how the psychology of perception can be used to create the experience of luminosity, motion, and infinite space on your canvas. Your instructor will show you how past and contemporary masters created these illusions. The demonstrations will be in oil, watercolor and acrylic.
David Cities
Day 3. Lecture: How We See
Artists and Non-artists: Limited to 50

- The foundation to building more persuasive paintings
- Understand how we see(how our eye works)
- How we perceive (how our brain makes pictures)
All day lecture/demo for the public in general.
Consider how you make your choices for a meal, a shirt or a painting. New insights from neurobiology, neuroscience, and psychology help explain how we construct images of our world, how our vision, hearing, touch and smell work in unison. If we know how our visual perception works, we can learn new ways to look at the world, re-direct our attention and find new ideas. This talk considers how perception works; what we look for, how we look and what we miss. It explores how much we visually translate and navigate the chaos that surrounds us and how culture directs our view of the world.
If you sign up for any of the workshops, you are invited to meet Thursday Night May 15th for an Orientation & Introduction with David Dunlop 6 pm - 6:30 pm

Painting Luminosity and Color in Water and Skies
Nicole's Studio & Art Gallery | 719 N. Person Street, Raleigh,North Carolina 27604 | 919-838-8580
3 Day Workshop: June 25-27, 2014 | Wednesday - Friday | 9:30AM - 5:00PM | WORKSHOP FEE - $475
This 3-day workshop will have a daily combination of lecture and slides (2-3 hours), demo (2 hours or more, in both oil and acrylic) and student painting. The following topics will be covered:
• Water: capture the motion, color, forms and evanexcent effects of waves, waterfalls, moving stream and tidepools. Learn how past masters of the seascape captured the sensations of waves collapsing on sand, crashing on rocks. Learn how to create the reflections, transluscence and sparkle of water.
• Skies: Discover how to render skies in the tender light of dawn, the pageant of sunset and dramatic seizures of approaching storms. David will show you how to glaze, multi-layer and mix colors to catch the effects of moving clouds and ephemeral light. He will show you how the past masters created luminous and dramatic skies.
• Color: A comprehensive study of all aspects of color from historic to contemporary painting. Color constancy, shading, color scale, glare, reflections and other topics will be covered. David will demonstrate how differently you percieve color under various light effects, from twilight to mid-day. Pearlescence, brilliance, translusence, trasparency, reflectivity and the tint and tone of color will all be addressed in addition to achieving them across different mediums.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to contact Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.



How To Paint a Really Good Landscape - Beginning to Intermediate
Silvermine Art Guild| 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 | 203-966-6668 ext. 2

8 Sessions · April 22 – June 10 | Tuesday | 9:30am-12:30pm

Fee: $360 | Course Code: DDTU930AM4222014
Classical traditions and modern methods will be presented through demonstrations and hands-on instruction. How to build effective designs, sketches, color, values, perspective, textures, brushwork, and learning from the masters (Da Vinci to Monet) are all part of this course. Demonstrations and illustrated lectures include techniques and ideas of the great masters in watercolor, oil, acrylic, photo-media and pastel. Subjects range from exacting representation to abstraction, from interiors to exteriors, urban to rural, seaside to farm, and all types of weather. Personal consultation is provided in each class to help you realize your ambitions.

Investigations in Landscape: Representation to Abstraction - Intermediate & Advanced
Silvermine Art Guild | 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 | 203-966-6668 ext. 2
8 Sessions · April 22 – June 10 | Tuesday | 1:30am-4:30pm
Fee: $360 | Course Code: DDTU130PM4222014
There will be investigations in perception, sensation and how we experience color, motion, space, and orientation. We will borrow historic techniques and ideas across cultures from Europe to China. Consideration of the machinations of color, its perception, mixing and variable applications will be covered. Personal psychology, discoveries in neuroscience, mysticism, paint technology and new materials will also be covered. We will build brush vocabularies, design vocabularies and try new materials. Through demonstrations and illustrated talks, students will learn the techniques and ideas of historic artists. Demonstrations will include watercolor, acrylic and oil. Personal consultations in each class will cultivate your own vision and enable you to realize your personal artistic ambitions.

Extend Your Reach: Art in the 21st Century
Silvermine Art Guild | 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 | 203-966-6668 ext. 2
8 Sessions · April 23 – June 11| Wednesday | 1:30am-4:30pm
Fee: $395 | Course Code: DDW130PM4232014
Here is your lab for experimentation in materials, techniques and ideas, for working in unfamiliar media, for embracing the unknown, for applying discoveries of neuroscience, perceptual psychology, and art history from across cultures; for linking new technologies to old techniques; for embracing trial and error and a courageous will to make mistakes; for questing after personal authenticity in your art; for a transcendent view of where you are and where you wish to go; for separating cultural influences from personal perceptions; and for pioneering in art. Students should welcome an exploration in art history, science, technology and culture in a laboratory, pushing the limits of your imagination, skills and materials.